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I have been in the Local real estate market for over 36 years, and have long believed in "Service Guarantees". Therefore all of my clients receive a "New Level" of Service and a Guarantee of absolute satisfaction. My "New Level" of Service is something most real estate sellers and buyers have never experineced... learn more on this site on the tab above "New Level of Service"

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This frustration can be avoided!

This is a major source of frustration that can easily be avoided by managing this one step of the transaction!

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How many days do you need to wait?

Its a common question. Let's try to see if we can clarify this one for you. The short video explains "Days on Market" because most people do not quite get.

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Rescuing "1 Acre Plus" home owners is a constant part of our business... here is how we do it...

A home rescue? What in the world is that? Well, this short video...

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Get ahead of the most important issues that can cause issues with a sucessful sale...

Don't get surprised by major expenses. Get ahead of the major issues and give yourself the best chance of reaching a successful closing. The short video...

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